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Ancient Style With Vital Rhythm
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About CrabCat Studio

Inspired by ancient Puget Sound tribal and traditional northern style museum masterpieces, Crabcat Studio consists of Joseph Illig and a small group of wonderfully accomplished local artisans the studio retains.

Producing hot and warm glass, clay and glazed sculpture as well as working in pressure formed copper, silver and bronze, CrabCat Studio provides for the diverse needs of collectors, architects, landscape specialists and people in the design field.

The great art legacy of Northwest Coastal Indians informs CrabCat Studio's uniquely original interpretations of Salish, Tsimshian and Haida/Tlingit masterworks stemming from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The phenomal beauty and strength of traditional formline is embodied in CrabCat Studio's fine contemporary art pieces as well as gift lines.

CrabCat Studio creations are innovative fusions of traditional essence with functionality and practical applications. They are both treasured by collectors worldwide and admirably employed and incorporated by art tile and architect design people.

Artist studio retail, architecting costing and volume for businesses available. Click here to contact us.