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Ancient Style With Vital Rhythm
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Process & Materials

All of CrabCat Studio's artworks are produced from hand carved templates based on historically important originals. The templates, carved out of yellow cedar, are variously employed in the production of our collections.

Argillite - Liquid Stone

CrabCat's signature synthetic "argillite" is a propietarial reinforced liquid stone comprised in part of pulverized Montana slate. Each piece is individually hand cast, burnished and finished with knife-work by the artist. The resulting artwork is suitable for use as free standing sculpture or clients can creatively incorporate into screens or furniture of their own design.

Copper, Bronze & Silver

All bas relief scultpture are explosively formed from 6 or 8 ounce pure Canadian copper sheets followed by extensive hand-tooling using a series of wooden and metal tools. Bronze, silver and gold as well as other petinas are available. This results in a strong and light reposse piece of exceptional beauty.

Glass - Spectrum Clear

Each glass piece is hand poured and traditionally cast on iron from CrabCat Studios original templates at Seattle Glass Blowing. The resulting slab/ingot is quality assured through a seventy two hour annealing process suitable for door and furniture inserts or other appropriate applications.

Porcelain & High Fired Stoneware

After two years of reasearching and experimenting with varous clay bodies CrabCat Studios has happily found two clay types enabling a successful sculptural panel for use as framed wall art and for interior/exterior architectural applications. Both stoneware and porcelian clays are cone 11 high-fired.

CrabCat Studios surface finishes for 507/508 inventory includes natural stone with iron oxide line, burnished and polished solid iron oxide, a relieved ivory glaze and a bone-white detailed porcelain.